Layering Up For Fall

We are FALLing hard for Fall. 

Our simple-yet-sophisticated necklaces are versatile and easy to layer relative to your personal style. Phyllis + Rosie does the hard part for you!


This is one of our favorite early fall looks-- a simple denim button down with our best-selling Cecile Necklace worn as a choker partnered with a Lariat V Necklace. Our Cecile is adjustable, making it easy to complement any look you want to rock. 

Another great fall staple is our Whitney Necklace -- or as we like to say, "The Lazy Girl's Guide to Layering." This P+R fan favorite goes with everything you want to wear this Fall.

    Want to be daring? Try mixing the metals with different shapes to create multiple looks. We promise you --  with a layered Phyllis + Rosie look this Fall, you will be the most stylish pumpkin-picker in town.

    Expand your horizons. Don’t limit yourself to just V-neck shirts. Our layered looks work well with all styles, from crew necks to turtle necks. A turtleneck paired with high-waisted jeans and accessorized with a necklace or two is certainly a must-have #FallTrend this season. Turtlenecks can some times appear out-dated, but with a P+R Rocker Bar Necklace you're sure to be the trendsetter. 

    Stay tuned till next week for our tips + tricks for stacking cuffs!

    #FallIntoPhyllisAndRosie #LayerUp